Being a teacher is the most rewarding job

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"Teacher" is one of the oldest occupation is the world. There are good and bad sides of being a teacher.
Firstly you hand down your knowledge to all your pupils – maybe now they hate you, but in future they will thank you. The second thing is that the nation will be grateful for you – at least you sow the wisdom among that stupid kids. You are the happiest person when one of your dunces have learned something – and all because of you!

But there is also the second side of being teacher, which is much more worst. Pupils – oh, pupils. You are asking yourself " Do they really hate me so much? Why?" You try to be nice and funny, but they look at you as at a puny man. They still invent for you new nicknames, only because of your surname or your image.

The next thing is wages. After so many sleepless nights, so many hours with reading their school tests (usually nonsensical) you receive a worthless amount of money. This job is not worth a groat. You are going to be a bundle of nerves, although you have nerves of steel and you can keep them cool.

On the ground of that considerations I can say I don’t agree with this topic. In my opinion being a teacher is an unrewarded task. Sometimes we can find a born teacher, but it happens rather seldom and we can not believe in it. That kind of teacher is becoming extinct!!!
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