Good and bad points of television

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Data dodania: 15 września 2005
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Television. Discovery of the 20th century, which completely change the world. Being so popular, that every average family has at least one set at home, television became one of the most powerful tool has ever made. Tool, which using in right way can help very much, but also it can destroy.

The truth is, that it keeps us informed about events from whole of the planet and gave an unembarrassed source of knowledge. It could be helpful to learn other languages if you watch some foreign programs. For many it is the only way to see the world, exotic countries and wild nature.

But the other side it ruins our private and family life. Children don’t want to ride a bike or play football. They prefer to watch amazing adventures of super heroes, which are much more attractive for them. Parents don’t talk with their kids. They back home tired and turn on the TV, instead of taking care of them. In most cases the family connections are weak or even broke. Although television bring very interesting information, it makes people stop thinking about it. They don’t develop, but get stupid all the time. It also kills an imagination and the mental part of human being.

Television is part of people life. We can stop watching it and throw it away from ours life. But I think, we shouldn’t try to do it, because it is really very good source of information. And we should only learn how to use it and don’t fall into the trap.
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