Do i like tv shows? What tv shows? Why people watch tv shows? Who is the best host, why?

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There was no TV shows in television few years ago. I only remember one
western show which was translated to Polish. I don't remember the host. Today I
can watch much more programs. There is TV show in TV station every day. For
example there is one called "IBISEKCJA" on station TVN on Thursday and Tuesday.
There is also one on RTL7 called "EVENING WITH VAMPIRE" on Tuesday and Sunday.
The same TV show is re-transmitted on TV station NASZA TV. There are one called
"ONE FROM TEN" and "VA BANQUE". They are quiz shows with questions from many
disciplines. On TVN there is show "THAT WAS PLAYED...". That is also a quiz
show but its discipline are past years and music. There are also some TV shows
on English, German, Italian and French TV stations. On CHANNEL 5 there is TV
show "OPHRA" , on NBC there is "JAY LENO SHOW".

I like "EVENIMG WITH VAMPIRE" most of all. Its host is Wojciech Jagielski. He
is also one of hosts in radio show "MORE OR LESS SERIOUSLY". I like him because
he ask good questions to his guests.

People watch TV shows for few reasons. They want to see their favourite actors,
musicians or writers. They want also check their intelligence. And most of all
they want to have good fun.

I think that people like Wojciech Jagielski and Kszysztof Ibisz as a hosts.
They are funny, they pry into other people's affairs. Their shows and questions
are good fun.

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