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At the beginning of my essay I would like to write a few words about the
disease called AIDS. Namely, it is the slightness of immunity system caused by
the RNA- virus. When you have got that kind of illness you can die very urgent
(for example of a flu). I am sure that if I had AIDS my life would extremely
change. In my opinion a lot of things would depend on the way I became

If someone become infected himself by taking drugs than he will blame himself
only. It is quite a different situation when someone is infected by blood
transfusion. Then it is not his fault. So whose fault is it? In case I had that
disease without a doubt I would keep asking myself: Why is it just me? Of
course there is no answer. Certainly I could try to consent to the fact that my
life would be shortly finished. I would like to live the "full life", and could
utilise every minute of my existence. I using the antique maxim "carpe diem"
(catch a day). I have no doubt that the society wouldn't treat me too nice. I
think that today a lot of people do not tolerate AIDS. They are really unkind
just because they are frightened about the infection. I would also try to be
more careful, because I could spread that disease in the way of event. Truly I
have no idea in how way my life would change if I was ill. I only know that I
would live in continuous fright (being of the point of death) connected with
death. Simultaneously I am sure that thanks to my tutelary family and friends I
would live in happiness just like an usual healthy person.

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joanna 01 października 2008, z IP:     Zgłoś komentarz do skasowania
I think you should definitely work on your english and practice writing esseys
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