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  • “Sport has become business”. Give arguments to support or reject this claim.
    Sport is known from centuries. In old Egypt people were playing many games like something like football or volleyball. There were chariot races and first Olympic games in Greece and in Rome. People were playing football, basketball, they were running long and short races. They were also throwing javelin and iron balls. In our times sport has become business. Many sport clubs and teams are producing hats, T-shirts, jackets and scarfs and selling them to fans with high profits. Also selling t ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 20 maja 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,0
  • Accident in roswell
    It was year 1947. Over Mexico, states of Arizona and New Mexico many people saw Unidentified Flying Objects in short form UFOs. Mr. And Mrs. Wilmotow from Roswell in New Mexico saw big, bright object which had flown over their house on 2nd of July. And then a farmer - William Brazel, from the same city, saw the same object moving towards north - west. At few seconds later UFO had exploded. It was 2 am. At 3 am Military Police patrol was at crash site. Major Jess Marcel and officer Cavitt were ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 13 stycznia 2001, Średnia ocen: 3,5
  • AIDS
    At the beginning of my essay I would like to write a few words about the disease called AIDS. Namely, it is the slightness of immunity system caused by the RNA- virus. When you have got that kind of illness you can die very urgent (for example of a flu). I am sure that if I had AIDS my life would extremely change. In my opinion a lot of things would depend on the way I became infected. If someone become infected himself by taking drugs than he will blame himself only. It is quite a differen ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 29 kwietnia 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,4
  • Anarchism - the true sound of liberty!
    Since the very beginning of its existence anarchism has been a subject of confusion and not rarely violent actions of middle class. Born not in the heads of great philosophers but in hearts of simple working class during its endless strugle for its rights, anarchism is a social philosophy whose center idea is that human beings can live justly and in harmony without government. Anarchists believe that the State itself is evil and harmful. The capitalistic reality that we all are put into is very ...
    Autor: Pawel Szeliga, Dodano: 30 września 2005, Średnia ocen: 3,7
  • Animal experiments.
    It is claimed that Animal Experiments are necessary for the benefit of medical science and human health. However, a growing number of doctors and scientists worldwide are pointing out the fact that animal research is totally useless and damaging to human health. Testing a drug or chemical on an animal provides no evidence that it is safe for humans. This is because of species differences: animals do not react in the same way to drugs and other substances as we do. It is true that animal te ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 06 stycznia 2001, Średnia ocen: 2,4
  • Assertivenes
    I do not agree with the statement. I believe that world would be much better if people started being helpful and kind to each other. If we are assertive and we ignore our friend's problems, they surely won't help us when we'll be in need. Of course I don't mean that favours are acceptable only when they are profitable. I bet that everyone would like his neighbour to lend him a helping hand, when for example your car is under a huge snow-drift and you cannot clear the snow by your self. I ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 21 maja 2001, Średnia ocen: 2,8
  • Being a teacher is the most rewarding job
    "Teacher" is one of the oldest occupation is the world. There are good and bad sides of being a teacher. Firstly you hand down your knowledge to all your pupils – maybe now they hate you, but in future they will thank you. The second thing is that the nation will be grateful for you – at least you sow the wisdom among that stupid kids. You are the happiest person when one of your dunces have learned something – and all because of you! But there is also the second side of ...
    Autor: Magdusia, Dodano: 02 września 2005, Średnia ocen: 3,2
  • Czego spodziewaleś sie w XXw. ?
    Our generation is the witness of transition into the new XX first century. Everyone expects unspecified changes. I would like to write about my expectations connected with the year 2000. I hope that there would be a lot of changes in people's lifestyles, for better of course. I hope the fate of poor people undergoes a change. I think that everyone should have their own house and good life. I have to admit that it is very sad when very young children sit on a frozen ground and beg for help. ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 31 lipca 2001, Średnia ocen: 3,3
  • Do i collect autographs, why do people collect autographs, whose autographs are wanted?
    Do i collect autographs, why do people collect autographs, whose autographs are wanted? I don't collect autographs, but I have some from famous people. I have Michael Jacksons autograph which I had exchanged, with my friend, for Paul Nastula autograph. I have also autograph from Kszysztof Kowalewski, who played Bochun in "Ogniem i Mieczem", which gave it when he was at our school for meeting with students. I have a friend, which have about thirty autographs from famous people. He have autogr ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 20 marca 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,2
  • Do i like tv shows? What tv shows? Why people watch tv shows? Who is the best host, why?
    There was no TV shows in television few years ago. I only remember one western show which was translated to Polish. I don't remember the host. Today I can watch much more programs. There is TV show in TV station every day. For example there is one called "IBISEKCJA" on station TVN on Thursday and Tuesday. There is also one on RTL7 called "EVENING WITH VAMPIRE" on Tuesday and Sunday. The same TV show is re-transmitted on TV station NASZA TV. There are one called "ONE FROM TEN" and "VA BANQUE" ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 11 marca 2001, Średnia ocen: 3,4
  • Euthanasia and problems it involves
    In this paper I want to focus on problems which euthanasia involves. First some ground of clearing and preparation: euthanasia means a gentle and easy death and has come to mean the good death of another or mercy killing. It is controversial, because it brings into conflict one of society's attitudes expressed morally, legally, philosophically, and religiously that human_life deserves_special_protection. In fact, some claim that human life is an absolute value. For them the taking of human ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 12 kwietnia 2001, Średnia ocen: 2,4
  • Families
    Families can be defined as a group of related people willing to live and work together in the same place or house. It can also be identified as „a group of people connected by blood or marriage and sharing common ancestry." Today, there are many different kinds of families in Poland. Among many different kinds of families in this entire world, Polish families are still keeping or holding their old ways of life or the culture. Families can be classified into many different categories accor ...
    Autor: Budda, Dodano: 12 kwietnia 2005, Średnia ocen: 149796,6
  • Ta praca ma załącznikGood and bad points of television
    Television. Discovery of the 20th century, which completely change the world. Being so popular, that every average family has at least one set at home, television became one of the most powerful tool has ever made. Tool, which using in right way can help very much, but also it can destroy. The truth is, that it keeps us informed about events from whole of the planet and gave an unembarrassed source of knowledge. It could be helpful to learn other languages if you watch some foreign programs. ...
    Autor: Piotr, Dodano: 15 września 2005, Średnia ocen: 2,9
  • Halloween
    Halloween is a holiday celebrated in the United States mostly by children. It falls on October 31, a day earlier than All Saints’ day in Poland. Often schools have parties or small haunted houses for children who dress up in costumes ranging from witches to ghosts, typical for Halloween, to astronauts, football players and even robots. Traditionally, when evening falls, children dress up in their costumes and go out in their neighborhoods with their parents to go „trick-or-treating". ...
    Autor: siwa, Dodano: 22 maja 2005, Średnia ocen: 3,1
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