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  • How people can spend New Years Eve, how would I like to spend it?
    The New Years Eve is in night between thirty first of December of old year and first of January new year. There are many ways to spend New Years Eve. For Example there is a carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In France there is a big party under the Eiffel Tower. Most of people go abroad from their country or to local party in their home city. Some of the people stay in home with the family or go for a party to their friends place. Some people sleep this event over, watch TV or read b ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 07 maja 2001, Średnia ocen: 176602,3
  • Ta praca ma załącznikIn what ways did Xury aid in Robinson’s escape
    Robinson couldn’t stay long in one place, so after finishing his first voyage he started a new one. Unfortunately he dropped into pirates hands and become a slave on their island. He worked there for about two years, all the time thinking about escape. Being in good conditions with master of the Moors, he used to go with him fishing. And soon Robinson became the best on it. One morning his master ordered to him to go out with the boat and catch some fish for his guests. As usual Crusoe ...
    Autor: Piotr, Dodano: 13 maja 2005, Średnia ocen: 4,0
  • Kołobrzeg
    The city has a long history. The first settlement was come into existence in Budziszyno, prabably on the turn of the eight century. In year 1000 Bolesław Chrobry established there the first Polish Bishopric. In 1255 year was established a new town on the right side of the Parsęta river. On the turn of the fourteenth century Kołobrzeg was received as a member of Hansa. On the City's development large importent had fishery, trade and agriculture. Kołobrzeg was several times changed into a for ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 12 maja 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,7
  • Ta praca ma załącznikMy best friend
    His name is Maciek and I met him when I moved to the new flat in spring-time of 1985. He is rather tall and thin. His hair is long, black and a bit curly. He has specific kind of face and dark skin, that someone could think he is an Indian, but it isn’t true. Both of his grand parents was born in Poland. He lives at the same building as I used to, so until this year we saw each other almost every day. Now, when I am studying in Szczecin and going to school by train every day, which takes ...
    Autor: Piotr, Dodano: 09 lipca 2005, Średnia ocen: 5,3
  • My grandmother, who is still alive.
    My grandmother is now 79 years old. She was born in 1920 in Poznań. When she was young she went to school, where she had to work hard. Teachers before the Second World War were different than today. They were more agressive and they weren't forgiving. She lost contact with all her friends during the war. She hasn't seen many of them since last time. During the Second World War, she had to work in Germany. She was a worker in a military plane factory. It was a very hard term in her life, so ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 11 października 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,0
  • My house
    My house is big. There are two floors and the attic. Downstairs on the ground floor there is a sitting-room on the right, and next to the sitting-room there is a dining room. There's a small toilet under the stairs. Upstairs there are three bedrooms are quite big. The small bedroom is over the kitchen and the bathroom is at the top of the stairs, over the hall. My room is the biggest and cool. A garden is in front of the house. In summer and spring there are flowers everywhere. I like flowers a ...
    Autor: Magda*, Dodano: 10 marca 2005, Średnia ocen: 3,3
  • Present Simple - czas teraźniejszy
    Twierdzenia I go l.poj. I eat You go You eat He goes He eats She goes She eats It goes It eats We go l.mnoga. We eat You go You eat They go They eat Gdy czasownik kończy się na samogłoskę to w III osobie liczby poj. dodajemy końcówkę-es Jeżeli na spółgłoskę dodajemy końcówkę -s. Wyjątkami są czasowniki w III ...
    Autor: Marzena Æwikła, Dodano: 01 grudnia 2005, Średnia ocen: 4,1
  • Road page
    Aggressive driving, popularly called "Road rage" is a new arrival on the public agenda, but its roots parallel the invention of the automobile. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggest that one third of 3 mln. Injury crashes can be referred directly to aggressive driving. The majority of perpetrators are males between the age of 18 and 26. Most Roadragers are relatively young, poorly educated males with criminal past, histories of violence, and drug or alcohol problems, a ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 18 czerwca 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,4
  • Sytuacyjki
    1.Dzwonisz do przyjaciela. Telefon odbiera jego mama, co jej powiesz. Good morning my name is Rafał. Is Marek at home. 2.Dzwonisz do przyjaciela, nie ma go w domu. Jak poprosisz żeby zadzwonił kiedy wróci. Pleas tell him to call me when he is back. 3.Jak powiesz znajomemu że teraz jesteś zajęty i zadzwonisz póżniej. Sorry I’am very busy. I will call you later. 4.Zapytaj kolegę o numer telefonu. What is your phone number. 5.Zapytaj kolegę czy ma telefon. Do you have a ph ...
    Autor: GaMcIo, Dodano: 31 maja 2005, Średnia ocen: 3,4
  • Terrorism
    The phenomenon that brought terrorism to the global stage via hijackings and bombings had begun around 1968. From that time such groups as Red Army Faction, Red Brigades (Italy), Japanese Red Army, Baader-Meinhof (Germany) have been preparing different kinds of showing their protest against globalisation even technology (e.g. neo-Luddities). Europeans are accustomed to terrorism at home. The action of terrorists is even known in Greece and Spain. In latter mentioned country terrorists (unit ...
    Autor: Agata, Dodano: 22 listopada 2005, Średnia ocen: 3,9
  • Thailand
    Thailand is just south of China. People call it the jewel of south – east. It’s beautiful country with a rich culture, tropical climate, sandy beaches and ancient temples. Thai people are good – looking. They are short with delicate features. They have got black hair, dark eyes and light brown skin. The Thais are friendly people who are well know for being generous and kind. They are a happy people who have strong will and they are especially proud of their history. Most people ...
    Autor: Piotr, Dodano: 02 czerwca 2005, Średnia ocen: 4,9
  • Ta praca ma załącznikThe day I died
    The sun shone strong when I woke up. I had plenty of time, so I slowly got up from my bed and went to the bathroom. I took a cold shower and felt very refreshed. It was all, what I needed. I returned to bedroom and started to dress. I looked again at the bedside table. I approached it and picked up a small red box with the shape of heart. I opened it and a beautiful gold ring with many shining diamonds appeared just in front of my eyes. That little thing was intended for my girlfriend, who I lov ...
    Autor: Piotr, Dodano: 21 lutego 2005, Średnia ocen: 3,1
  • The society is made of many sorts of people
    The society is made of many sorts of people. We have different colour of skin, different religion, views, nationality, knowledge, characters. Some of us are disabled people, some homeless. There are many criminals, ill-mannered and uncultivated people. They are all citizens and it is not possible and not right to eliminate groups of those, who are not comfortable for us. We have to be conscious about the fact that tolerance is the most important thing in our lives. People should remember, t ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 09 kwietnia 2001, Średnia ocen: 3,8
  • Ta praca ma załącznikThe worst person I have ever met
    I think that no one is born bed or good, like no one at the beginning is better or worse friend. Friendship, the same as most of people’s relations, is an art of compromise. Everyone has good points and you should only try to find them. And I used to know someone well before I say something about him. But there is one person I have met and completely couldn’t understood. Her name is Agata J. and she was my protector and Polish teacher for four years. First time I met Agata on 1 Se ...
    Autor: Piotr, Dodano: 30 kwietnia 2005, Średnia ocen: 4,2
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