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  • Vagrancy
    The problem of vagrancy has been known since man became civilised. There are people who work hard for their money and earn it in a way that is believed to be ordinary and normal, though there are people who collect money in a different way. They beg for it or make a performance on the street and hope they will earn in that simple way. Usually they don't make such a bad living, so my question is: What for are we sitting in school and learning eight hours a day? The answer: to have warm bad, ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 22 lipca 2001, Średnia ocen: 2,6
  • What are easter customs in poland?
    Easter holidays are at third full moon Sunday after Christmas Holidays. But we go last day to school on Wednesday, because there is Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. There is also Easter Monday, on which people sprinkle each other with water. On Saturday we go to church to consecrate Easter food like breed, sausages, salt, pepper and especially eggs. Egg is a symbol of new life. They will be eaten on next day, Saturday breakfast. It is a big ceremony. First we share consecrated ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 02 lutego 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,8
  • What could be done in order to promote sport in polish schools?
    There is too little hours of Physical Education in Polish schools. Everyone knows about it but no one do anything. First number of hours of PE should be increased. Three or four in normal schools is far too little. In sport schools children have ten or more hours per week. There should be organised some Olympics for children or at least some sport competitions which everyone could be enjoying. Also subsidies for sport should be increased. More modern sport equipment should be bought. This on ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 01 marca 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,7
  • What do I think about “Małolat” action in Poland.
    In last few moths I heard about action "Małolat" in Wroclaw. Local policy had started action against the young children and teenagers which are out from theirs home at 2200. Every teenager below the age of 18 was stop and check theirs Ids. Then they was escorted back to theirs homes. But some of them was aggressive against the police so they had been arrested for a night. Then the police action spread out from Wroclaw, and now its almost in every bigger city in Poland. I think that action "M ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 15 stycznia 2001, Średnia ocen: 3,3
  • What do i think about school radio?
    I think, that the school radio is very good idea. I am running it with four other people. All apparatus like microphones, tape decks and amplifiers are in Headmistress office. We must go on a break and run school radio from there. But sometimes we can't go there because Headmistress has some guests and she is asking us to go out or her secretary says that we can't go inside. There is also other problem. Headmistress sad us that, music is too loud and too hard to listen so we can play it only ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 04 sierpnia 2001, Średnia ocen: 3,6
  • What do I think about women day? How did women day look like in the past?
    Woman day is on 8th March. That day is very special not only for man but also and most for woman. In that day ladies get lot of flours like roses or tulips, chocolates and other things. Giving a gift is the best expression about love or friendship between men and women. In past centuries woman were ignored and sent to hard work in the field or in the house. But feminists demanded the freedom of woman. The day when woman had been given more rights then they dream off feminists decided to cele ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 10 lutego 2001, Średnia ocen: 5,3
  • What do my parents want me to do and not to do?
    I think that, my parents want me to learn very good. I think they also want send me to University and have higher education. They want from me to be at home and don't go any where without their permission. I understand them because they concern for my live. They also tell me to don't take from any one any drugs and other stimulators. I must help in home because my parents tell me to do it. I must be obedient but I am not always like I have to be. I must help my mother with doing shopping or ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 24 czerwca 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,0
  • What do people in my age can do during this winter holidays? What sports can they practice, where they can go, what would i like to do most during this winter holidays?
    In February we have winter holidays. I think that they are from 5th to 22nd . Probably I will stay in home. I am not sure because maybe I will go to Mountains, to Ustron, that place where I was in the last summer. To nice, big, house at the foot of the mountain. But if I will stay in home I will probably play computer games, sleep or read some good book. I think, that people in my age can do many thing. They can stay in home and read books, watch TV, play many games or go out to playground. ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 15 czerwca 2001, Średnia ocen: 2,4
  • What do people in Poland thought that children in my age should to do and ought to do? What do people in my age used to do when I was younger? What my parents used to do when they was in my age?
    My parents tell me to do many things. I must learn very well. I ought to be honest and sincere with them too. I must also be helpful in home. I must wash dishes, take out the rubbish and clean my room very often. I must tell them where I was and what I did when I am late after lessons. When I was younger I could do much more things than I can do now. But I could not do some things which I can do only nowadays. Now I can stay up late. I can go sleep when ever I want. I can watch brutal films ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 19 stycznia 2001, Średnia ocen: 3,0
  • What is my favourite serial? Why is it my favourite? Why do people watch soap operas?
    I don't know exactly what is my favourite serial. I like many of them. I like for example "The X-Files". It's very good serial with good actors and great scripts. For every episode I am very excited. I am often scared to death. The serial is about two FBI agents - Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. They have many adventures which are often very mysterious and weird. I like also action serials like "Soldiers Of Fortune" or "Nikita". Their scripts are written with good idea. There is also many actio ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 01 sierpnia 2001, Średnia ocen: 3,5
  • What is the Cracow like?
    The name of my city is Cracow. It is a large city in the South of Poland. It has many beautiful buildings, monuments and tourists attractions. It also has an interesting history. Cracow was founded about one thousand years ago. It was established by the legendary king Krak who killed a dragon. Cracow was also the capital of Poland but in XVIth century, king Zygmunt IIIrd Waza transfered the capital from Cracow to Warsaw. Cracow was besiged and conquered but it was never destroyed, so nowdays ...
    Autor: Michał Dulak, Dodano: 18 września 2005, Średnia ocen: 4,4
  • What is the hidden message in the lyrics of “The show must go on” ?
    The song "The Show Must Go On" performed by Queen has a hidden message in it's lyrics. According to me, it's about life, about the way of life. The main question in this song is: "What are we living for"? Did the author write it, because he couldn't find a reason for living. He thinks, that the world is one big blank, vacancy. Maybe he felt empty inside, maybe he forgot, "what is he living for". The lyrics of this song say that the life is a "pantomime", that we're hidden behind he "curtain ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 12 maja 2001, Średnia ocen: 3,1
  • Which would you prefer, to live in a flat or to live in a house of your own?
    Our housing estate has been build in 1972. It is named NSBM that is Teacher Housing association Building and Housing. There are about nine or ten building in the estate. It have ten flats. I am living in one of them. My parents are living in them for 25 years. I prefer living in flat. I am safer than in the house. No burglar will break in without making a fuss. I can do what ever I want but without doing it to loud. When there is a leaking pipe or some hole in the wall I can call a specialis ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 01 maja 2001, Średnia ocen: 3,4
  • Why can watching television be harmful?
    Some time ago when there was no TV, people were happier. They had much more time to read books and talk to each other. Now all our free time we spend on watching TV. When there was no TV our imagination developed. I don't know is TV useful. There are a lot of disadvantages about TV. At first: TV has bad influence on children and teenagers. There are a lot of stupid fables on TV. There are episodes like about man, who falls down of the window from the 10 Th. floor, and suddenly he can stand ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 01 maja 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,6
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