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  • Why do people in Poland and all over the world learn English?
    I learn English for seven years. When I was starting learning language I was only studding in my school. But the standard of the teaching was very low. Then, in the third year of learning I started learning private. Since that moment I was learning very well. After year I was the best in the class. And I am still now. I think that people, who learn now English will have several benefits. They will speak and write English very well. They will be able to contact with other people from all ove ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 07 października 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,7
  • Why do so many people drive so fast?
    Car was invented in the beginning of this century. First it was powered by steam. Then Mr. Diesel invented engine powered by rock-oil or benzine. Since then all old and new cars were powered with that fuels. Power of engines were rising from year to year. Now engines have from six to even twelve pistons. They also have direct input of fuel to piston. That think make possible faster acceleration. Cars' prices are different. From cheep, small cars, under fifteen thousand z3 like Fiat Punto or ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 01 czerwca 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,8
  • Why does my sister learn English?
    My elder sister, Magdalene is 22 years old. She is a grown-up, married women. She is now studding economics, marketing and management in private school of business. She is on 4th year of study .She is now working in big, international marketing firm. She is now writing hers M.A. thesis about credit cards. She must read many magazines written in English or Italian. From them she must store news and articles about paying cards. She is learning English from high school. Now she is learning Busi ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 23 sierpnia 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,9
  • Why would I like to go to school trip to England?
    There is a 7b class in our school. Their teacher organised them, with parents of the students, trip to England. They are going in April, by bus, for seven days. Maybe I will go with them. I don't know now. But if I will go I will be very happy. When you go out of country you see many unknown places and cites. And specially when you are going by bus because when you fly by plain you go over them. You can see places such as Berlin, Paris and Versailles. When you get to England you can see Big ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 15 maja 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,4
  • Why would I like to have a penfriend, from what country, why?
    Many people write letters. They do it because they want to share their experience with friends or family. I would like to have a foreign penfriend for many reasons. I would write in English or Polish. If my penfriend would be from western part of the world I would like to know something about his homeland. What are customs in his country, in what class he is actually, what is he doing in free time and what friends does he have. I would like to have a penfriend from England, United States of ...
    Autor: ~gość, Dodano: 12 października 2001, Średnia ocen: 4,8
  • Ta praca ma załącznikWould you make friends with person infected with HIV?
    Nowadays a huge development of civilisation causes that new diseases have appeared on the earth. This progress also refers to new medicines, which help us in fight against these diseases. But so far we haven’t found an antidote to some of them. One of this is AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Admittedly for bulk of people someone infected with virus HIV, which can transform into AIDS, is like a leper. People aren’t able to accept this person. Therefore people in ...
    Autor: Magdusia, Dodano: 15 października 2005, Średnia ocen: 3,5
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